The strength and energy from the sun is momentarily up lifting. Everything is in flux. The sea is mesmerising allowing me to forget and escape my intense feelings of insecurity. You are not interested in loving me. Apprehension, denial and sadness linger.

Hey Cupcake

I always wondered why you called me Cupcake. You gave me that name.  No one else called me Cupcake just you. You took my name with you.  I am not that person anymore. 

Your Mum Said……..

Your mum said you loved me. I think she meant you never stopped loving me. I had issues. No-one knew what was in my head. I am good at keeping secrets. I had to be. You never asked questions. That made you perfect, I can be elusive. I was lonely, naïve and afraid. Is this my life? I got scared. I’m sorry.