One Magnolia Tree

My stability has been supported by my magnolia tree. Planting the tree as a small sapling, it has been a joy to watch it grow in silent devotion. Watching over me making its roots firm and honest. My tree has been my companionship in moments of upset and disruption. It has journeyed through my life, not interested in my torment or worry. 

The Breakfast Room

The organised chaos, the gatherings and discussions, sharing the past is very much with me. The secrets, the squabbles and the arguments. Evening loneliness arrives when I sit in my breakfast room. Love, reflection, ambition and desires are what I think about, wondering how my life has taken this journey. 


Our relationship has changed. Family life is changing, it is a difficult time. He keeps his sadness to himself. 

Are They Listening?

They are online engaged in another world, whilst sitting next to me. I have a sense of being ignored I am invisible.  I am  frustrated at the dominance of their mobile phones and social media in our lives. I’ll send a text message.