Abigail Phang Gung Fook lives and works in London. Upon leaving school she trained as a textile designer and set up her own practice working in the American home furnishings industry. Abigail took a career break as a stay at home mother and retrained as a fine art painter graduating from City and Guilds Art School in 2017. Her training as a textile designer remains a strong influence on her paintings, in not only what she looks at, but also how she physically produces a painting. Her love of pattern, fabric and floral representation continues to resonate.  The brilliant vivid colours in her work are a mask for her to hide her emotions. The dripping paint adds to the sense of immediacy, disorder, chaos and sadness. 

The narrative of love and loss underpins Abigail’s practice. Her work describes intimacy and emotion, her work is very personal. It is about her observations, events that have happened and the effects and consequences of her decisions. Abigail’s paintings are often cryptic and the story is not always obvious to the viewer, but the underlying message is the everyday, stories and experiences we can all relate to. Her work describes the multiplicity of her family life.