The narrative of love and loss underpins Phang Gung Fook’s practice. Her work describes intimacy and emotion, it is very personal. She tells a story of her observations, events that have happened and the effects and consequences of her decisions.  Phang Gung Fook’s paintings are often cryptic and the story is not always obvious to the viewer, but the underlying message is the everyday, stories and experiences we can all relate to.  Dogs are a significant feature of Phang Gung Fook’s work, the message is ambiguous, she uses dogs as a metaphor for the people they represent. She is often overwhelmed with melancholy when she is painting.

Phang Gung Fook also explores portraiture in the contemporary art world. As part of her practice she asks her subjects to take a selfie photograph as participation in development for her work. She then paints from this image. Phang Gung Fook is combining society’s obsessions with the selfie and her interest in fine art portraiture to produce fun, childlike images full of wonder.